Bali Indonesia

5 Reasons Why Bali Should Be On Your Bucket List

If the idyllic beaches, volcanoes, rice paddies, coral reefs, traditional architecture aren’t enough to take your heart to Bali, What about the iconic Bali swing? With Bali becoming the hotspot destination of honeymoon couples, the social media platforms have been filled with the images of couples posing on the Bali swing, or at a beautiful-beaches enjoying the adventure sports along with the sunrise and sunsets. But Bali isn’t limited to what we see in the pictures. It is a unique blend of modern facilities with traditional art, culture, architecture, and lifestyle.

This beautiful island in the Indian Ocean encompasses every kind of natural beauty, making it no less than a Paradise. Here are 5 reasons to put Bali in your Bucket list now.

Bali Indonesia
Bali Indonesia

1. Picturesque Beaches

There is an unending list of idyllic beaches that this paradise island has to offer you. From the mainstream Kuta or Ubud to the sister islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, there is a beach for everyone, every mood, and every need. You can experience the charm of crystal-clear blue water on the horizons of white sand and limestone cliffs, which offers unparalleled views.

2. Traditional Architecture

The predominant culture of the Balinese people is Hinduism. Therefore, you will get to see many Hindu temples with great architecture to satisfy your aesthetic senses. There is a vast variety of architecture ranging from majestic sea temples overlooking the great Indian Ocean to soul-soothing grand temple complex on top of the mountain.

3. Diverse Landscapes

Along the Golden beaches, you get to witness the most glorious mountainous areas which feature lush green fields, absolutely gorgeous waterfalls, scenic lakes, flower gardens, etc. The Balinese people are promoting ecotourism so that you can visit their iconic rice fields. This mystic landscape offers secret canyons and some of the gushing sacred rivers for you to witness nature at its best.

4. Awesome Accommodation at Cheap price

Whether you want to enjoy the accommodation at Bali’s heart or on the shores of the island, it has got all to offer at unbelievable prices. You can choose from the three houses, lavish resorts, private villas, air BnB, affordable hostels, etc. A large number of hotels offer you a splendid view of the ocean with their infinity pools.

5. Endless Shopping Spree

You need to carry an extra suitcase with you for all the shopping that you are going to do in Bali. It has everything from handmade souvenirs to high-end designer things to offer at relatively low prices. The markets offer you everything from Batik clothes to silver jewellery, from bags to wood carvings, etc. at unbelievable prices.

It is hard to pin down everything that Bali has to offer through its unique location, and art and culture. So why don’t you visit it to witness it all on your own?

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