Corona Virus Update India

Covid 19 Update India: Corona Cases in India crosses 1 Lakh Patients

Today 18th May 2020 India touches 1 Lakh cases of Covid 19 Virus. India entered today Lockdown 4.0 and after several efforts made by Government of India cases are increasing day by day. A rough estimate is that everyday approximately 4500 cases are coming in India.

1 Lakh Corona Cases India
1 Lakh Corona Cases India

Major affected cities with most Corona cases are:

  • Mumbai 20150 Cases
  • Thane 4115 Cases
  • Pune 3821 Cases
  • Chennai 7125 Cases
  • Ahmedabad 8683 Cases
  • New Delhi 10054 Cases
  • Jaipur 1623 Cases
  • Indore 2565 Cases
  • Bhopal 1030 Cases
  • Kolkata 1372 Cases
  • Hyderabad 981 Cases

At this time as Lockdown 4.0 is going on, Government of India and state governments are planning to give some relaxation for the people of India and these cases are a big worry for the nation.

Corona Virus Update India
Corona Virus Update India

Government offices and private offices are also now open with limited workforce, Markets are also open so people of India should take care of yourself. News Trends Live suggest our readers to Stay Home Stay safe and move out for only essential works.

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