Happy Birthday to Sachin Tendulkar on 24th April for his 47th Birthday, God of Cricket: Amazing & Unbreakable Records

Today on 24th April 2020, Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar completes 47 years. Sachin Tendulkar made many amazing records in cricket, however some of them have been broken but most of them are still unattainable. Here we are showcasing some of his famous records which are still unbroken in cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday on 24th April is like a festival in India as this man is known as the “God of cricket” all over the world. He was born on 24th April 1973 and played his first test match in 1989 against Pakistan at a tender age of 16 years, which is also a record of being the youngest player.

Sachin is the first ever sportsman from India who has been honored with Bharat Ratna.

In his career he made several records which are being chased by famous cricketers such as Virat Kohli and Australian Cricketer Steve Smith. Here are some of his unbroken records:

Sachin’s 200 Test Played record

Sachin Tendulkar started his career in 1989 and left cricket in 2013. In his 24-year career he played 200 International Test matches. The cricketers who are behind him are Rickey Ponting and Steve Waugh, both played 168 tests.

Sachin Tendulkar’s 51 Test Centuries

In his 200 Test matches career he scored 51 Test centuries, Currently Virat Kohli (27) and Steve Smith (26) are chasing him but they have to work really hard to break this incredible record.

Sachin Tendulkar represented India in 6 ICC World Cups

Sachin Tendulkar played 6 World cup tournaments and this record seems unbreakable because a normal player usually plays only 3-4 world cup tournaments. Virat Kohli played 3 World Cups tournaments till now.

Sachin scored 34000 international runs

Sachin Tendulkar scored 34000 international runs which seems quite an impossible record to be broken. The only person who is chasing him is Virat Kohli with 21901 International runs. Virat Kohli needs to pull his socks up and play some good cricket to break this record.

So, even if somebody breaks his tough and hard-earned records, he will always be remembered as master blaster and will forever be called “God of Cricket” for his great achievements.

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